At BMFMS we are focused on making 2024’s conference interesting and relevant for trainees. The programme is relevant for medical students with an interest in O&G/MFM, O&G trainees and locally-employed doctors and MFM subspecialty trainees. We hope that it sparks interest for you and that you enjoy meeting subspecialists from across the UK.


Throughout the conference there will be a simulation suite available to all delegates to use. This will include equipment to simulate cervical cerclage, breech delivery and amniocentesis. Delegates wil be able to book into a simulation suite session here soon. We will provide certificate of attendance in addition to Mini CEX for the procedures for those delegates that attend.

Abstract Submission

Trainees, junior doctors and medical students are strongly encouraged to submit an abstract for BMFMS 2024 here.

Conference Dinner

All trainees are encouraged to attend the conference dinner, which has been heavily subsidised by BMFMS and is always a highlight of the conference. Any trainees who would like to attend but don’t know anyone else going can contact our trainee reps Adalina ( or Zoe ( who would be happy to sit together!