The ticket options for the conference are below. 

You can book for different members of your group, but will need to enter their name, email address and details. You will need to do this for each ticket type and each attendee. They will then receive an email with their ticket attached. You may select multiple ticket types for people in your group and then click on BOOK NOW to proceed to check out. The personal details are your own as the “booker”.

To purchase your tickets:

1. Create an account on the conference website by clicking here

2. Click on the "Registration" page

3. Choose the tickets you would like to purchase

4. Enter your details as the "booker"

5. Enter the details of the ticket holder for each ticket

6. Go to check out

7. Remember to add your voucher/discount code in the voucher code box (for sponsors, exhibitors and speakers)

8. Add your payment details

For any group bookings you would like assistance with or have any queries for, please contact

The person making the booking will receive an email receipt, should your equire a copy of this email, please email

We look forward to seeing you in Liverpool!

Non-Members Pricing

(prices shown here include VAT)

Members Pricing

(prices shown here include VAT)